Lists of sanctions
02.12.2022 22:09:31

Lists of sanctions

The list of sanctions includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) subjects included in sanction list.Data source information is updated once an hour.

Latest recordings in the Sanction list (list - date): The European Union - 28.11.2022. United Nations - 22.10.2022. SDN- 02.12.2022. NONSDN - 25.02.2022. United Kingdom - 30.11.2022.

Latest documents: The European Union: 2022.11.28. (CFSP) 2022/2319 | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2022.12.02. | United Kingdom: 2022.11.30.
3 Practical Steps to Comply With Sanctions!
Monitor your customers and keep track of whether any of them are on the sanctions list, apply for sanction monitoring.

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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
181#181 Name: Azizullah Maliki
Sardar Azizollah Maleki
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
182#182 Name: Hossein Maroufi
حسین مروفی
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
183#183 Name: مرتضی میرزایی
Morteza Mirzai
Morteza Mirzaei
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
184#184 Name: Abbas Ali Mohammadian-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
185#185 Name: علیرضا مدری
Ali Reza Moradi
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
186#186 Name: Hossein Rahimi-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
187#187 Name: Hossein Sereng Rajabpour-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
188#188 Name: Mahmoud Saadati-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
189#189 Name: صفری سید علی
Sayyed Ali Safari
Sayd Ali Safari
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
190#190 Name: احمد شفاهی
Ahmad Shafahi
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
191#191 Name: Hassan Sheikhnejad-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
192#192 Name: Ahmad TAHERI-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
193#193 Name: عیسی زارع پور
Eisa Zarepour
Issa Zarepour
-IndividualUKIran (Human Rights)14.11.2022
194#194 Name: Mohamad Irshad Mohamad HARIS NIZAR
Mohamed Irshad Mohamed HARIS NIZAR
96-3 China Fort Road, Beruwala, Sri LankaIndividualSDNSDGT09.11.2022
195#195 Name: Musab TURKMEN
Sinanagha Mah. Dersvekil Sokak 55 4, Fatih, Istanbul, TurkeyIndividualSDNSDGT09.11.2022
196#196 Name: Huygensstraat 42, JM, Boxtel, 5283, NetherlandsEntitySDNILLICIT-DRUGS-EO1405909.11.2022
197#197 Name: Alex Adrianus Martinus PEIJNENBURG
Alex Adrianus Martin PEIJNENBURG
Boxtel, NetherlandsIndividualSDNILLICIT-DRUGS-EO1405909.11.2022
198#198 Name: Martinus Pterus Henrikus DE KONING
Martinus Pterus Henri DE KONING
DE KONING, Martijns
Boxtel, NetherlandsIndividualSDNILLICIT-DRUGS-EO1405909.11.2022
199#199 Name: Purcellstraat 4, GZ, Boxtel, 5283, NetherlandsEntitySDNILLICIT-DRUGS-EO1405909.11.2022
200#200 Name: Purcellstraat 4, GZ, Boxtel, 5283, NetherlandsEntitySDNILLICIT-DRUGS-EO1405909.11.2022