Sanction catalogue
19.05.2021 00:07:37

Sanction catalogue

The Sanction catalog includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)* subjects included in sanction list.

*SDN list included

Showing 1-20 of 1,132 items.
Showing 1-20 of 15,022 items.
1#1 Name: Abdul Hai Hazem Abdul Qader
Abdul Hai Hazem
2#2 Name: Agha, Abdul Rahman-IndividualEUAFG
3#3 Name: Attiqullah Akhund-IndividualEUAFG
4#4 Name: Zakir
Abdul Bari Akhund
Haji Mullah Sahib
5#5 Name: Faiz-IndividualEUAFG
6#6 Name: Jalaluddin Haqani
Jallalouddin Haqqani
Jallalouddine Haqani
Jalaluddin Haqqani
7#7 Name: Jan Mohammad Madani Ikram-IndividualEUAFG
8#8 Name: Abdul Manan Mohammad Ishak-IndividualEUAFG
9#9 Name: Matiullah-IndividualEUAFG
10#10 Name: Mohammad Shafiq Mohammadi-IndividualEUAFG
11#11 Name: Abdul Razaq Akhund Lala Akhund-IndividualEUAFG
12#12 Name: Habibullah Reshad-IndividualEUAFG
13#13 Name: Allah Dad Tabeeb
Allah Dad Tayeb Wali Muhammad
Allah Dad Tayyab
14#14 Name: Mohammad Jawad Waziri-IndividualEUAFG
15#15 Name: (1) Maulavi (2) Mullah Abdul Qader Abdul Hai Hazem
Hazem Abdul Hai
Puli Charkhi Area District Number 9 Kabul City Kabul Province
Iltifat village Shakardara District Kabul Province Afghanistan
16#16 Name: (1) Maulavi (2) Mullah Awal Shah Abdul Baqi Basir
Baqi Abdul
17#17 Name: (1) Maulavi (2) Mullah Akhund Abdul Bari
Haji Mullah Sahib
18#18 Name: Mauwin Jabbar
Maulavi Omari Abdul Jabbar
Mullah Jabbar
19#19 Name: Mohmad Akhter
(1) Maulavi (2) Mullah Wali Mohammad Abdul Jalil Haqqani
Akhund Abdul Jalil
Haqqani Abdul Jalil
Jan Nazar
Haji Gul Gulab
20#20 Name: Maulavi Mohammad Jan Abdul Kabir
Kabir A