Sanction catalogue
26.10.2020 09:37:16

Sanction catalogue

The Sanction catalog includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union and Office of Foreign Assets Control subjects included in sanction list.
Sanction catalog includes current and historical data (from 30th December, 2019)
The catalog provides search functionality as well as request protocoling. Continuous data synchronization has been ensured from the primary sources.
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1#1 Name: Abdul Hai Hazem Abdul Qader
Abdul Hai Hazem
2#2 Name: Agha, Abdul Rahman-IndividualEUAFG
3#3 Name: Sayed Mohammad Azim Agha
Agha Saheb
4#4 Name: Sayed Ghias
Sayyed Ghayasudin
Sayyed Ghiassouddine Agha
Sayed Ghiasuddin Sayed Ghousuddin
5#5 Name: Mohammad Ahmadi-IndividualEUAFG
6#6 Name: Ahmed Jan Akhund
Ahmed Jan Akhundzada Wazir
Haji Ahmad Jan
7#7 Name: Mohammad Essa Akhund-IndividualEUAFG
8#8 Name: Attiqullah Akhund-IndividualEUAFG
9#9 Name: Akhund
Allah Dad Matin
10#10 Name: Ubaidullah Akhund Yar Mohammed Akhund
Obaid Ullah Akhund
Obaidullah Akhund
11#11 Name: Mohammad Abbas Akhund-IndividualEUAFG
12#12 Name: Muhammad Yusuf
Aminullah Amin Quddus
Aminullah Amin
13#13 Name: Nazirullah Hanafi Waliullah
Nazirullah Aanafi Waliullah
14#14 Name: Muhammad Taher Anwari
Haji Mudir
Mohammad Taher Anwari
Muhammad Tahir Anwari
Mohammad Tahre Anwari
15#15 Name: Arefullah Aref Ghazi Mohammad
Arefullah Aref
16#16 Name: Sayed Esmatullah Asem Abdul Quddus
Esmatullah Asem
Asmatullah Asem
Sayed Esmatullah Asem
17#17 Name: Atiqullah Wali Mohammad
18#18 Name: Azizirahman Abdul Ahad-IndividualEUAFG
19#19 Name: Abdul Baqi
Abdul Baqi Basir Awal Shah
20#20 Name: Abdul Ghani Baradar Abdul Ahmad Turk
Abdul Ghani Baradar
Mullah Baradar Akhund