Lists of sanctions
05.10.2022 09:12:41

Lists of sanctions

The list of sanctions includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) subjects included in sanction list.Data source information is updated once an hour.

Latest recordings in the Sanction list (list - date): The European Union - 30.09.2022. United Nations - 05.10.2022. SDN- 03.10.2022. NONSDN - 25.02.2022. United Kingdom - 04.10.2022.

Latest documents: The European Union: 2022.09.15. (L239/1) | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2022.10.03. | United Kingdom: 2022.10.04.
3 Practical Steps to Comply With Sanctions!
Monitor your customers and keep track of whether any of them are on the sanctions list, apply for sanction monitoring.

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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
1#1 Name: Ahd JADDUSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
2#2 Name: Hasan KHADDURSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
3#3 Name: Salma MUKHAYBIRSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
4#4 Name: Jihad-al-Din QURJUSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
5#5 Name: Abd-al-Nasir Ibbi ZAMRSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
6#6 Name: Muhammad Arif al-Hasan AL-KHUDAYRSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
7#7 Name: Ali JUMULSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
8#8 Name: Abdallah AL-HASANSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
9#9 Name: Wasim SALMANSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
10#10 Name: Dayma SULAYMANSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
11#11 Name: Ahmad Nadir Ibrahim BASHASyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
12#12 Name: Ibrahim MUSTAFASyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
13#13 Name: Baha AL-LAYIQSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
14#14 Name: Jamilah TAHASyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
15#15 Name: Hala FARAJSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
16#16 Name: Aminah AL-MUKAHHALSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
17#17 Name: Hasan Muhammad ZAYDSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
18#18 Name: Milad MAWASSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
19#19 Name: Ahmad ABUDSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019
20#20 Name: Nawar MUTAWIJSyriaIndividualSDNSYRIA31.12.2019