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Libyan Investment Authority


Type Entity
List name European Union
Programs (1) LBY
Listed (1) 23.03.2017
Decision links (3) 22.03.2017, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 1.70 €
19.01.2016, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 6.80 €
11.03.2011, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 0.68 €
Remark Note: This entity is targeted by a limited asset freeze concerning assets belonging to, or owned, held or controlled on 16 September 2011 by it and located outside Libya on that date. There is no prohibition to make funds or economic resources available to this entity, whether directly or indirectly.

Names (15)

Full name/Name Liibüa Investeerimisamet
Full name/Name Organismo de Inversiones de Libia
Full name/Name Libijski Urząd ds. Inwestycji
Full name/Name Libyan Investment Authority
Full name/Name Libysche Investitionsbehörde
Full name/Name Sociedad de inversiones extranjeras de Libia
Full name/Name Líbiai Beruházási Hatóság
Full name/Name Autoritatea Libiană pentru Investiții
Full name/Name Compania Libiană pentru Investiții Străine
Full name/Name Libijsko Tijelo za Ulaganja
Full name/Name Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LFIC)
Full name/Name Lībijas ieguldījumu iestāde
Full name/Name Líbyjská investičná agentúra
Full name/Name Libijskie Przedsiębiorstwo Inwestycji Zagranicznych
Full name/Name Libyjská investiční agentura

Addresses (1)

Street 1 Fateh Tower Office No.99 22nd Floor, Borgaida Street
City Tripoli
Country Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Postal code 1
Full address 1 Fateh Tower Office No.99 22nd Floor, Borgaida Street, Tripoli, 1103, LIBYA

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