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05.10.2022 08:15:13

Pavel Mikhaylovich OSIN


Type Individual
Gender Male
List name SDN (OFAC)
Programs (1) RUSSIA-EO14024
Date of publication 28.06.2022

Names (2)

Last name/Name OSIN
First name/Name Pavel Mikhaylovich
Full name/Name Pavel Mikhaylovich OSIN
Type Name
Last name/Name OSIN
First name/Name Pavel Mikhailovich
Full name/Name Pavel Mikhailovich OSIN
Type Alias
Quality Strong

Citizenships (1)

Country Russia

Addresses (1)

Country Russia
Full address Russia

Birth data (2)

Place Moscow, Russia
Country Russia

Identification documents (1)

Type Tax ID No.: 773129841560
Country Russia

Historical data

No records
Updated: 05.10.2022. 07:16
The Sanction catalog includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control subjects included in sanction list.