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enote za specialno delovanje


Type Entity
List name European Union
Programs (1) UKR
Listed (1) 16.12.2022
Decision links (1) 16.12.2022, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 6.80 €

Names (21)

Full name/Name Erikoisjoukot
Full name/Name Specialiųjų operacijų pajėgos
Full name/Name Δυνάμεις ειδικών επιχειρήσεων
Full name/Name Specialoperationsstyrkerne
Full name/Name Strijdkrachten voor speciale operaties
Full name/Name Forțele pentru operații speciale
Full name/Name Sily pre špeciálne operácie
Full name/Name enote za specialno delovanje
Full name/Name Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales
Full name/Name Forças de Operações Especiais
Full name/Name Специалните оперативни сили
Full name/Name Forze per operazioni speciali
Full name/Name specialstyrkorna
Full name/Name Силы специальных операций
Full name/Name Különleges műveleti erők
Full name/Name Special Operations Forces (of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation)
Full name/Name Siły operacji specjalnych
Full name/Name Sondereinsatzkräfte
Full name/Name Posebne operativne snage
Full name/Name Erioperatsiooniväed
Full name/Name forces d’opérations spéciales

Addresses (1)

Street Command of the Special Operations Forces, military unit
Country Russia
Postal code 99450
Region Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region
Full address Command of the Special Operations Forces, military unit, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region, 99450, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Remark Senezh

Historical data

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