Lists of sanctions
13.06.2024 07:45:30



Type Entity
List name SDN (OFAC)
Programs (1) WEST-BANK-EO14115
Date of publication 06.06.2024

Names (4)

Last name/Name LIONS' DEN
Full name/Name LIONS' DEN
Type Name
Last name/Name DEN OF LIONS
Full name/Name DEN OF LIONS
Type Alias
Quality Strong
Last name/Name ARIN AL-USUD
Full name/Name ARIN AL-USUD
Type Alias
Quality Strong
Last name/Name AREEN AL-USUD
Full name/Name AREEN AL-USUD
Type Alias
Quality Strong

Addresses (1)

City Nablus
Country Palestinian Territory, Occupie
Full address Nablus, Region: West Bank

Identification documents (1)

Type Organization Established Date: Aug 2022

Historical data

No records
Updated: 13.06.2024. 07:15
The Sanction catalog includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control subjects included in sanction list.