Sanction catalogue
18.05.2021 22:42:34

Abbas Loutfe FAWAZ


Type Individual
List name OFAC
Programs (1) SDGT

Names (3)

Last name/Name FAWAZ
First name/Name Abbas Loutfe
Full name/Name Abbas Loutfe FAWAZ
Type Name
Last name/Name FOUAZ
First name/Name Abbas
Full name/Name Abbas FOUAZ
Type Alias
Quality Strong
Last name/Name FAWWAZ
First name/Name 'Abbas Abu-Ahmad
Full name/Name 'Abbas Abu-Ahmad FAWWAZ
Type Alias
Quality Strong

Addresses (1)

City Dakar
Country Senegal
Full address Dakar, Senegal

Birth data (3)

Place Jwaya, Lebanon
Country Lebanon
Place Dakar, Senegal
Country Senegal

Identification documents (2)

Type Personal ID Card: 096574S
Country Senegal
Type Additional Sanctions Information -: Subject to Secondary Sanctions Pursuant to the Hizballah Financial Sanctions Regulations
Updated: 18.05.2021. 05:15
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