Sanction catalogue
01.08.2021 14:26:50

Sanction catalogue

The Sanction catalog includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)* subjects included in sanction list.

*SDN and Non-SDN list included

Showing 81-100 of 1,144 items.
Showing 81-100 of 15,799 items.
81#81 Name: Mansoor Akhtar Muhammad
Muhammad Akhtar Mohammad Mansour Khan
Mansoor Akhtar Mohammad
Imam Naib
(1) Maulavi (2) Mullah Shah Mohammed Akhtar Mohammad Mansour
82#82 Name: Mansoor Abdul Latif
Mohammad Wali
Maulavi Mansur Abdul Latif
83#83 Name: Mawlawi Nanai
Maulavi Mati Mohammadullah
84#84 Name: Mullah Matiullah-IndividualUKAfghanistan
85#85 Name: Mazloom Fazel Mohammad
Mullah Mazloom Fazl Mohammad
Fazl Molah
86#86 Name: Maz-hari Akhtar Mohammad
Maulavi Mazhari Abdul Quddus
Kushal Khan Mena District Number 5 Kabul AfghanistanIndividualUKAfghanistan
87#87 Name: Doost Mohammad
(1) Mullah (2) Maulavi Dost Mohammad
88#88 Name: (1) Maulavi (2) Sar Muallim Abdul Basir Nazir Mohammad
Mohammad Nazar
89#89 Name: Nik Mohammad
Maulavi Dost Mohammad Nik Mohammad
90#90 Name: Maulavi Mohammadi Mohammad Shafiq-IndividualUKAfghanistan
91#91 Name: Muttaqi Amir Khan
Mullah Motaqi Amir Khan
92#92 Name: Maulavi Motmaen Abdulhai
Haq Abdul
93#93 Name: Maulavi Mohammad Karim Abdullah Hamad
94#94 Name: Mullah Barech Naeem
Mawlawi Mohammad Gul
Naim Mohammad
Mullah Baraich Naeem
Mohammad Gul
Haji Barich Gul Mohammed Naim
Berich Naim
Mullah Baric Naeem
Haji Mohammad Ghul
Zrae Spen
Mullah Barech Naim
Mullah Akhund Naim Barech
Mullah Naimullah
Kamran Gul Mohammad
Mullah Barich Naim
Mullah Bareh Naim
Mullah Khudaidad Mohammad Naim Barich
95#95 Name: Ullah Najib
Maulavi Muhammad Juma Najibullah
96#96 Name: Maulavi Nomani Hamdullah-IndividualUKAfghanistan
97#97 Name: Mufti Noorani Mohammad Aleem-IndividualUKAfghanistan
98#98 Name: Noori Norullah
Maulavi Nuri Nurullah
99#99 Name: Maulavi Habibullah Rustum Hanafi
Nuristani Rostam
Sahib Hanafi
100#100 Name: Niazi Abdul Manan
Mullah Nyazi Abdul Manan
Nayazi Abdul Manan