Lists of sanctions
23.07.2024 00:14:34

Lists of sanctions

Lists included in the sanctions lists and the date when the latest changes were published in structured data: The European Union - 19.07.2024. United Nations - 22.05.2024. United States Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) SDN - 19.07.2024. United States Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) NONSDN - 31.10.2023. United Kingdom - 13.06.2024., Latvian - 31.12.2019

Latest documents: The European Union: 2024.06.28. 2024/1843 |2024.06.28. 2024/1837 | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2024.07.18. | United Kingdom:2024.06.25
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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
161#161 Name: YV2849-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
162#162 Name: YV2851-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
163#163 Name: YV2911-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
164#164 Name: YV2912-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
165#165 Name: YV2913-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
166#166 Name: YV2943-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
167#167 Name: YV2944-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
168#168 Name: YV2953-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
169#169 Name: YV2954-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
170#170 Name: YV2965-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
171#171 Name: YV2964-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
172#172 Name: YV3052-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
173#173 Name: YV3071-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
174#174 Name: YV2969-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
175#175 Name: YV2970-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
176#176 Name: YV2993-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
177#177 Name: YV2994-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
178#178 Name: YV3032-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
179#179 Name: YV3033-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020
180#180 Name: YV3034-AircraftSDNVENEZUELA-EO1388408.02.2020