Lists of sanctions
02.03.2024 00:08:00

Lists of sanctions

The list of sanctions includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) subjects included in sanction list.Data source information is updated once an hour.

Latest recordings in the Sanction list (list - date): The European Union - 29.02.2024. United Nations - 21.02.2024. SDN- 28.02.2024. NONSDN - 31.10.2023. United Kingdom - 27.02.2024.

Latest documents: The European Union: 2024.02.23. 2024/746 | 2024.02.23. 2024/747 | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2024.02.28. | United Kingdom:2024.03.01., Russia | 2024.03.01., ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida
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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
381#381 Name: Jan Mohammad Madani Ikram Siyachoy village, Panjwai District, Kandahar ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
382#382 Name: Khirullah Said Wali Khairkhwa
Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwah
Khairullah Khairkhwah
Poti village, Arghistan district, Kandahar province
383#383 Name: Rahmatullah Kakazada
Mullah Nasir
Zurmat District, Paktia ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
384#384 Name: A. Kabir
Kabir Abdul
Abdul Kabir Mohammad Jan
Pul-e-Khumri or Baghlan Jadid District IndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
385#385 Name: Abdullah Jan Agha
Janan Agha
Tirin Kot cityIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
386#386 Name: Ahmad Jan Akhundzada Shukoor Akhundzada
Ahmad Jan Akhunzada
Ahmad Jan Akhund Zada
Lablan village, Dehrawood District, Uruzgan Province
Zurmat District, Paktia Province
387#387 Name: Haji Sahib
Qudratullah Jamal
Gardez, Paktia provinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
388#388 Name: Haji Gulab Gul
Abdul Jalil Akhund
Abdul Jalil Haqqani Wali Mohammad
Abdul Jalil Haqqani
Nazar Jan
Akhter Mohmad
Kandahar City, Kandahar Province
Khwaja Malik village, Arghandab district, Kandahar province
389#389 Name: Mullah Jabar
Muawin Jabbar
Abdul Jabbar Omari
Zabul ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
390#390 Name: Abdul Rahman Ahmad Hottak
Hottak Sahib
Ghazni provinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
391#391 Name: Ri'ad Muhammad Hasan Muhammad Hijazi
Abu- Ahmad Al-Hawen
Rashid Al-Maghribi (the Moroccan)
Abu-Ahmad Al-Amriki (the American)
Abu-Ahmad Al-Shahid
Raed Muhammad Hasan Muhammad Hijazi
Raed M. Hijazi
392#392 Name: Mohammad Hassan Akhund
Hassan, Hadji Mohammad
Pashmul village, Panjwai District, Kandahar Province
393#393 Name: Najibullah Haqqani Hidayatullah
Najibullah Haqani
Moni village, Shigal District, Kunar ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
394#394 Name: Moslim Haqqani
Mohammad Moslim Haqqani Muhammadi Gul
Gawargan village, Pul-e-Khumri District, Baghlan ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
395#395 Name: Mohammad Salim HaqqaniAlingar District IndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
396#396 Name: Sayyed Mohammad Haqqani
Sayyed Mohammed Haqqani
Chaharbagh village, Arghandab District, Kandahar ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
397#397 Name: Jalaluddin Haqqani
Jalaluddin Haqani
Jallalouddin Haqqani
Jallalouddine Haqani

Neka District, Paktika Province
398#398 Name: Din Mohammad Hanif
Qari Din Mohammad
Iadena Mohammad
Shakarlab village, Yaftali Pain District, Badakhshan ProvinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019
399#399 Name: Abdussalam Hanifi
Hanafi Saheb
Abdul Salam Hanafi Ali Mardan Qul
Darzab district, Faryab district
Qush Tepa District, Jawzjan Province
400#400 Name: Pahlawan Shamsuddin
Keshim district, Badakhshan provinceIndividualEUAFG31.12.2019