Lists of sanctions
19.05.2024 23:37:25

Lists of sanctions

Lists included in the sanctions lists and the date when the latest changes were published in structured data: The European Union - 19.04.2024. United Nations - 21.02.2024. United States Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) SDN - 16.05.2024. United States Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) NONSDN - 31.10.2023. United Kingdom - 17.05.2024., Latvian - 31.12.2019

Latest documents: The European Union: 2024.04.29. 2024/1250 | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2024.05.01. | United Kingdom:2024.05.03., Russia | 2024.05.03., Global Human Rights
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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
241#241 Name: LONG XING 622-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
242#242 Name: LONG XING 623-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
243#243 Name: LONG XING 625-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
244#244 Name: LONG XING 626-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
245#245 Name: LONG XING 627-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
246#246 Name: LONG XING 628-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
247#247 Name: LONG XING 629-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
248#248 Name: LONG XING 630-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
249#249 Name: LONG XING 635-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
250#250 Name: FU YUAN YU 7605-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
251#251 Name: LONG XING 636-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
252#252 Name: FU YUAN YU 7606-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
253#253 Name: LONG XING 637-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
254#254 Name: LONG XING 638-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
255#255 Name: LONG XING 801-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
256#256 Name: FU YUAN YU 8679-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
257#257 Name: LONG XING 802-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
258#258 Name: TIAN XIANG 7-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
259#259 Name: TIAN XIANG 8-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
260#260 Name: TIAN XIANG 16-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022