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Нарoдное oпoлчéние Дoнбáсса


Type Entity
List name European Union
Programs (1) UKR
Listed (1) 14.09.2019
Decision links (2) 13.09.2019, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 6.80 €
12.03.2016, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 5.78 €

Names (2)

Full name/Name Donbas People's Militia
Description Illegal armed separatist group responsible for fighting against the Ukrainian government forces in Eastern Ukraine, thus threatening the stability or security of Ukraine. inter alia, the militant group seized control of several government buildings in Eastern Ukraine in early April 2014, thus undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. It is associated with Mr Pavel Gubarev, who is responsible for the taking over of the regional government building in Donetsk with pro-Russian forces and proclaiming himself the ‘people's governor’.
Full name/Name Нарoдное oпoлчéние Дoнбáсса

Addresses (1)

Street 13 Prospect Zasyadko
City Donetsk
Country Ukraine
Full address 13 Prospect Zasyadko, Donetsk, UKRAINE

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