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Yuriy Valentinovich KOVALCHUK


Type Individual
List name European Union
Programs (1) UKR
Listed (1) 16.09.2022
Decision links (2) 15.09.2022, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 6.80 €
30.07.2014, European Union's sanctions document (EN) Download 1.36 €

Names (3)

Full name/Name Jurij Valentinovitj KOVALTJUK
Last name/Name KOVALCHUK
First name/Name Yuriy
Second name/Name Valentinovich
Full name/Name Yuriy Valentinovich KOVALCHUK
Description Chairman and largest shareholder of Bank Rossiya and co-founder of the so-called Ozero Dacha (a co-operative society)
Last name/Name КОВАЛЬЧУК
First name/Name Юрий
Second name/Name Валентинович
Full name/Name Юрий Валентинович КОВАЛЬЧУК

Birth data (1)

Place Leningrad (St Petersburg)
Country Russia

Historical data

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