Lists of sanctions
24.09.2023 00:40:34

Lists of sanctions

The list of sanctions includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) subjects included in sanction list.Data source information is updated once an hour.

Latest recordings in the Sanction list (list - date): The European Union - 18.09.2023. United Nations - 19.08.2023. SDN- 19.09.2023. NONSDN - 25.02.2022. United Kingdom - 15.09.2023.

Latest documents: The European Union: 2023.09.15. 2023/1780 | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2023.09.19. | United Kingdom: 2023.09.15.
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Showing 341-360 of 1,431 items.
Showing 341-360 of 24,614 items.
#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
341#341 Name: LIANG SHENG-VesselSDNIRAN-EO1384602.03.2023
342#342 Name: FULL STAR-VesselSDNIRAN-EO1384602.03.2023
343#343 Name: AMIAS-VesselSDNIRAN-EO1384602.03.2023
344#344 Name: BALTIYSK-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
345#345 Name: AVRORA ALTAIR-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
346#346 Name: AVRORA REGUL-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
347#347 Name: AVRORA SIRIUS-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
348#348 Name: NAVIS 6-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
349#349 Name: PETROTRANS 5902-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
350#350 Name: VLADIMIR LATYSHEV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
351#351 Name: VICTOR ANDRYUKHIN-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
352#352 Name: LEONID PESTRIKOV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
353#353 Name: NIKOLAI LEONOV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
354#354 Name: ALPHA HELIOS-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
355#355 Name: ALPHA HERMES-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
356#356 Name: VYACHESLAV ARSHINOV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
357#357 Name: GENNADY EGOROV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
358#358 Name: ALEXANDR DEEV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
359#359 Name: NIKOLAY ANISHCHENKOV-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023
360#360 Name: ALARA-VesselSDNRUSSIA-EO1402412.04.2023