Lists of sanctions
04.06.2023 20:27:54

Lists of sanctions

The list of sanctions includes Latvian, United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) subjects included in sanction list.Data source information is updated once an hour.

Latest recordings in the Sanction list (list - date): The European Union - 02.06.2023. United Nations - 28.05.2023. SDN- 02.06.2023. NONSDN - 25.02.2022. United Kingdom - 31.05.2023.

Latest documents: The European Union: 2023.05.30. (CFSP) 2023/1048, 2023.05.30. (CFSP) 2023/1047, | Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): 2023.06.01. | United Kingdom: 2023.05.31., Somalia | 2023.05.31., Russia
Sanction solutions offered by Lursoft
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#NameAddressTypeListProgramDate of publication
201#201 Name: FU YUAN YU 8642-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
202#202 Name: FU YUAN YU 7869-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
203#203 Name: FU YUAN YU 8643-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
204#204 Name: FU YUAN YU 7872-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
205#205 Name: FU YUAN YU 8644-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
206#206 Name: FU YUAN YU 7870-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
207#207 Name: FU YUAN YU 8645-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
208#208 Name: FU YUAN YU 7871-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
209#209 Name: FU YUAN YU 8646-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
210#210 Name: FU YUAN YU 7873-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
211#211 Name: FU YUAN YU 7890-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
212#212 Name: FU YUAN YU 8647-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
213#213 Name: FU YUAN YU 7891-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
214#214 Name: FU YUAN YU 7893-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
215#215 Name: FU YUAN YU 7892-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
216#216 Name: FU YUAN YU 7874-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
217#217 Name: FU YUAN YU 8648-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
218#218 Name: FU YUAN YU 7875-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
219#219 Name: FU YUAN YU 8649-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022
220#220 Name: FU YUAN YU YUN 995-VesselSDNGLOMAG09.12.2022